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Ausenchem has been supplying and exporting Xanthan gum from China for more than 10 years.As a professional Xanthan gum supplier and manufacturer, please be assured to buy Xanthan gum at Ausenchem. Any inquiries and problems please feel free to send emails to us via info@ausenchem.com , we will reply you within 1 working day. 

  • Min.Order Quantity: 500kg
  • QC: Haccp,Kosher,Halal,Iso
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • HS Code: 3913900000
  • CAS No.: 11138-66-2
  • Package: 25kg/bag,20mt/20GP'
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     Product Name  Xanthan Gum
     CAS No.  11138-66-2
     EINECS No.  234-394-2
     Appearance  Cream-white powder
     Grade  Food Grade
     MF  C35H49O29
     Weight  25kg/bag
     Shelf Life  2 years
     Certification  HACCP, ISO, KOSHER, HALAL
     Packing  20,000 kgs Qty in 20′ FCL

    Product Specification Of Xanthan Gum API Oil Drilling Grade

    Items Standards
    Appearance White or light yellow free-flowing powder
    Dry sieve Analysis, % Thru US 40# ≥95
    Drv sieve Analysis, % Thru US 200# ≤50
    Loss on drying(%) ≤13.0
    Qualitative Guar Absent
    Qualitative starch Absent
    Viscometer 300r/min ≥55
    Viscometer 6r/min ≥18
    Viscometer 3r/min ≥16
    Brookfield LV(mPa.s)1.5r/min ≥1950


    Product Specification Of Xanthan Gum Food Grade

    Items Standards
    Physical Property White or light yellow free
    Viscosity (1% KCl, cps) ≥1200
    Particle Size (mesh) Min 95% pass 80 mesh
    Shearing Ratio ≥6.5
    Loss on Drying (%) ≤15
    PH (1%, KCL) 6.0- 8.0
    Ashes (%) ≤16
    Pyruvic Acid (%) ≥1.5
    V1:V2 1.02- 1.45
    Total Nitrogen (%) ≤1.5
    Total Heavy Metals ≤10 ppm
    Arsenic (As) ≤3 ppm
    Lead (Pb) ≤2 ppm
    Total Plate Count (cfu/g) ≤ 2000
    Moulds/Yeasts (cfu/g) ≤100
    Salmonella? Negative
    Coliform ≤30 MPN/100g


    Conclusion: The product conforms to the standard of Food Grade
    Packaging: 25 KG/BAG
    Storage: Store in a cool and dry place and Keep away from strong light and heat
    Shelf life: 2 YEARS

    Xanthan Gum in food :
    xanthan gum is most often found in salad dressings and sauces. It helps to prevent oil separation by stabilizing the emulsion, although it is not an emulsifier. Xanthan gum is assisting suspend solid particles, such as spices. Xanthan Create the pleasant texture in many ice creams, along with guar gum and locust bean gum.

    Xanthan Gum in oil industry :

    Xanthan gum provides great “low end” rheology. When the circulation stops, the Xanthan gum provides a large amount of normal, thick and cloudy mud. , the solids was suspended, the demand for good control of drilled solids has led to its expanded use. It has also been added to the concrete throw .

    Goma Xantana: What It Is, Benefits As Well As Possible Risks

    From drinks to toothpaste, xanthan gum has a use that goes beyond food

    What is xanthan gum and xanthan gum manufacturer?

    It is present in a good number of foods, although it is an unknown component for the majority. Xanthan or xanthan gum is a natural additive (usually appears as E-415), a polysaccharide resulting from the fermentation of a bacterium (Xanthomonas Campestris)

    Used by the food industry for the good solubility of xanthan gum, both in cold and hot water, and for its stability. But there is more. We discovered its alimentary use and its cosmetic use.

    In what Foods is Xanthan Gum?

    • Xanthan gum is used in beverages and fruit juices, to give it a better appearance when, for example, it contains fruit pulp particles.
    • Xanthan gum is used as a stabilizer for ice cream, sorbets, and sauces and in salad dressings.
    • Xanthan gum is also used in bakery products with refrigerated doughs. In some products it is used as a substitute for egg white without altering the final appearance or taste.
    • Xanthan gum provides consistency to butter creams or chocolate toppings.
    • Due to its thickener effect, like guar gum, it is used for baked foods.
    • It can be used as a substitute for gluten in the preparation of pasta or bread.

    Xanthan Gum Cosmetic Use

    The cosmetic industry has also been able to see the properties of xanthan gum as a stabilizer and binder, that is, to prevent its components from separating. Xanthan gum can be found in:
    • Toothpaste
    • Bathroom gels
    • Shampoos
    • Creams and makeup
    • Lotions and body ointments

    Side effects of xanthan gum

    • Xanthan gum, once digested, the body recognizes it as soluble fiber. Taken in excess can cause some side effects, such as gas, diarrhea or digestive discomfort. Do not eat more than 15 grams a day.
    • In exceptional cases it can cause Skin allergy.
    • Avoid in case of intestinal problems or stomach pain , as well as in case of diabetes, since xanthan gum can reduce excess blood sugar levels.
    • In case of pregnancy or lactation, consult before the doctor.

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  • 1.What kinds of certificates can you offer?

    We can offer HAPPC, KOSHER, HALAL Certificates, ect.


    2. Are you a manufacturer or  a trading company?

    We are manufacturer for agar agar and carrageenan , Our factory established in 2003, we do more than 10 years food additives in domestic market .
    In 2013, We set up a branch company in Shanghai and create our new brand AUSENCHEM, dedicating to offer better info service for food additives as well as to expand overseas markets.


    3. How long shall we wait for your reply?

    We can guarantee to reply your inquiries  in less than 24 hours in working days.


    4. What kinds of transportation types can you provide?

    Our main transportation methods include air transportation, railway transportation and sea transportation.


    5. How long will I receive my good?

    Usually we will arrange the shipment in 7 -15 days.


    6. What documents you provide?  
    Usually, we provide Commerical Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA , Health certificat and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements, let us know.


    7. What is loading port?
    Usually is Shanghai , Qingdao , Tianjin,Dalian and ect.


    FACTORY (1)Ausenchem have depar tments including international info, purchasing, technical, after-info service, network engineering, general affairs, etc. We are able to offer service and support in English, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean and other languages. Within the efforts of all staff of us, our market has covered more than 40 countries and areas, which prompting us to be the most reliable partner of food producer and merchant all over the world. We have more than 20 professional info offer you 7*24 online info service.

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