Use gellan gum in a vast array of industrial and food products

Gellan gum is a water soluble anionic polysaccharide formed by the bacterium sphingomonas elodea. It is partly soluble in cold water and it belongs to extracts as well as botanicals powder. Previously, this gellan gun has a history of 10 years in the commercial applications as a food additive and also presently it has been applied to a vast array of foods. Actually, this is a direct procession heteropolysaccharide and it consists of a repeating component of 4 monosaccharide molecules such as glucose, rhamnose and glucornic acid and also having single carboxyl group in a repeating unit. In order to get this, you will approach the right gellan gum manufacturer and receive your final product.

Depends upon this property, the gellan gum can be utilized as an bonding agent to apply the seasonings to surfaces of food such as crackers, potato chips, etc. Due to its nature, the gellan gum can make a processable food material that has been regarded as an inappropriate for the food processing. The applications available are only a portion of the wide range of gellan gum uses. However, it can be expected that these new applications to the foods will be created in the future by simply making use of the amazing properties of gellan gum.

The gellan gum is ultimately effective to use and now it is available in two forms such as low acyl gellan gum forms brittle gels and firm as well as high acyl gellan gum forms smooth and more flexible gels. Below are some of the excellent features of gellan gum that includes:

* Top clarity
* No protein interaction
* Amazing stability (pH, heat)
* Fluid gel (suspension)
* Elasticity in melting and setting temp
* Low dosage forms gel and forming gel

Now most gellan gum manufacturers use this gellan gum as a stabilizing and thickening agent in a vast array of industrial and food products. This gum is secreted by the microorganism in a surrounding environment. In addition to, it is commonly used in the following items such as:
* Lotions
* Cosmetics
* Medicines
* Yogurt
* Pudding
* Toothpastes
* Ice cream and sherbet
* Salad dressings
* Jellies, jams and sauces
* Pastry fillings and baked goods

Post time: May-21-2019